NEW! 4-1/2 in Swanson Speed Trim Square

The perfect pocket sized layout tool for tradesmen, builders and DIYers and it’s made in the USA!

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How to assemble a Swanson Combination Square

A how to video for putting our Swanson Tool Combination Squares back together. Works for the 6″ Pocket Combination Square, 12″ Combination Square and 16″ Combination Square.

The Savage Aluminum Magnetic Torpedo Level by Swanson-Review

Taking a close look at the Savage Aluminum Magnetic Torpedo Level by Swanson! What makes this such an amazing torpedo level? This is a tool used by many professional plumbers, electricians, and contractors. It’s also great for DIYers!

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Speed® Square Made Simple

The Swanson® Speed® Square is five tools in one: a try square, a miter square, a laser guide, a saw guide, and a protractor.

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 Speed® Square Made Simple Part Two

More information on how to use the Swanson® Speed® Square.


DIY: Common Rafter Layout


Spacing Roof Rafters for Plywood


Framing Wizard®

The Framing Wizard® is five tools in one: a framing square, a try square, a miter square, angle finder and saw guide.
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Wood Magnet®

The Wood Magnet® is a cutting-edge tool developed for professional framing carpenters and skilled craftsmen.
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The SAVAGE® ProScribe quickly transfers radius or straight lines.
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For accurate measurements on PVC, conduit, and pipe up to 2-inches in diameter use a SAVAGE® GripLine Tape.
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Savage Jabsaw – Cutting Boxes


Savage Jabsaw – Utility Knife and Cool Features


Savage Jabsaw – Saw Blade and Cool Features