Speed Square® Made Simple

The Swanson Speed Square®  is five tools in one: a try square, a miter square, a laser guide, a saw guide, and a protractor.

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 Speed Square®Made Simple Part Two

More information on how to use the Swanson Speed Square®.


DIY: Common Rafter Layout


Spacing Roof Rafters for Plywood


Framing Wizard®

The Framing Wizard® is five tools in one: a framing square, a try square, a miter square, angle finder and saw guide.
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Wood Magnet®

The WOOD MAGNET® is a cutting-edge tool developed for professional framing carpenters and skilled craftsmen.
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The SAVAGE™ ProScribe™ quickly transfers radius or straight lines.
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For accurate measurements on PVC, Conduit, and Pipe up to 2-inches in diameter use a SAVAGE® GripLine™ Tape.
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