GripLine 30 ft. Magnetic
Available Models:
SVGL16M1 - 16 ft. Length
SVGL25M1 - 25 ft. Length

For accurate measurements on PVC, Conduit, and Pipe up to 2-inches in diameter use a SAVAGE® GripLine Tape. The tape measure features large numbers, 1-1/16-inch wide blade, and an exclusive magnetic tip. The large numbers are displayed on top and bottom for increased user readability. The magnetic tip can be used to attach to a metal surface such as a metal beam or window frame. The tape measure can clip onto a carpenter, contractor or plumber’s tool belt and is compact enough to easily fit into a tool box.

  • Grips PVC, Conduit and Pipe up to 2 in. in diameter

  • Grips vertical & rounded edges with rotating tip

  • 1 ¹/16 in. wide blade with large number display on top and bottom for easy readability

  • Magnetic Tip

  • 8½ ft. Standout