Swanson® has been working with inventors for more than 30 years. We have taken many individual tools and concepts from the inventor workshop or jobsite directly to market. In fact, three of our last five new items were products or concepts brought to us from third party inventors. Anyone that is familiar with the Swanson brand knows that we, undoubtedly, have the industry knowledge and product engineering expertise to bring these products successfully to market.

At Swanson®, we know that each inventor has invested countless hours of their time and large financial resources to each tool. We also know that inventors are proud of their projects and have a burning desire to see them succeed. It is this knowledge and understanding, as well as our easy-to-work-with mentality, that not only separates us from other manufacturers, but also allows us to maintain the ultimate, mutual respect with the inventor.

Although Swanson® maintains a rigorous selection process, and only the most intuitive tools pass muster, we understand individual inventors are the back bone of ingenuity. After all, Swanson Tool Co. was founded to support our greatest invention, the SPEED® Square. If you have a new tool, or concept, I hope you will submit it to us. Who knows? It may become the next SPEED® Square.

I look forward to working with you.

James Allemand
Swanson Tool Co.

After literally dreaming up the Wood Magnet™ my big break came when I met with the Swanson Team at the 2003 National Hardware Show. After meeting the STC sales team I was encouraged by your enthusiasm and interest in my product. Working with Swanson Tool Company for the last few years of design, patent and license contract work has been a painless and straightforward process. Being a small entity, the prospect of engaging in negotiations with any company can be intimidating. You and your team have made the process very easy. I would hope to be lucky enough to come up with another tool idea and go through this process again with Swanson Tool Co.

Ken Ames

My name is Robert Meitzler. I am the inventor of the Framing Wizard. Since we met, in 2001, working with Swanson Tool Company has been nothing but positive. Every member of their company upholds the highest standards of professionalism and adhere to strong personal standards including; honesty, integrity, straight-forwardness, kindness, and patience. When I began working with Swanson, I knew nothing about the tool business, they were always 100 percent up front and honest with me. I was so impressed, on a business and personal level, with everyone involved with Swanson, that I entrusted them with my invention. I am amazed with the amount of time, work, and dedication that they have, and continue to, devote to the Framing Wizard®. They have taken my idea further than I could have ever imagined and I and my family are eternally grateful.

Robert Meitzler

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