SVBM Series
Box Beam Levels Magnetic
Available Models:
SVB24M - 24 in. Length
SVB32M - 32 in. Length
SVB36M - 36 in. Length
SVB48M - 48 in. Length
SVB78M - 78 in. Length
SVB96M - 96 in. Length
SVBJKM - 32 in. , 78 in. Length

The SAVAGE® Box Beam Level is the ultimate in accuracy and durability. The Box Beam Level is called such due to the construction of the frame. If you were to cut one in half, you would see the rectangular construction that gives these type of spirit levels the ultimate in durability. The Box Beam Level is available in multiple sizes.

  • Super-Strong Neodymium Magnets

  • Continuous Dual Rail Frame for Non Interrupted Scribe Lines

  • 029° Vial Accuracy

  • Precision Machined

  • Gel Shock® End Caps

  • Diamond® Bumpers eliminate marring

  • 80% Stronger Savage™ Strength Frame

  • Acrylic Block Vials

  • Multi-Ring Vials