6-1 Unitacker® Aluminum Staple Gun

The Swanson® 6-1 Unitacker® Aluminum Staple Gun fires both light and heavy duty staples! Fits Arrow Heavy Duty T50, Light Duty JT21 and T25 Staples. The Unitacker also fits Brad Nails and Headless Pins for carpentry jobs. Above all it automatically identifies a variety of compatible wire gauges which makes it adaptable to various jobs. This one staple gun will solve all of your stapling needs.

The Swanson® 6-1 Unitacker® Aluminum Staple Gun works with Arrow heavy duty T50 & light duty JT21 staples *SWITCH FREE*! It also fires Arrow’s T25 staples, & brad nails & headless pins

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  • Aluminum die-casting housing with compact design

  • Advanced bottom-load anti-jam magazine

  • No fire handle lock for easy storage

  • Stainless steel belt clip to keep our staple gun handy

  • Cable guide allows for stapling around cords and cables

  • Staple level indicator window allows view of low staples

  • High/Low power setting

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Includes 500 Staples