SVE Series
No Slip Straight Edges
Available Models:
SVE240 - 24 in. Length
SVE360 - 36 in. Length
SVE480 - 48 in. Length
SVE720 - 72 in. Length
SVE960 - 96 in. Length

The SAVAGE™ No Slip Straight Edge is a simple tool with sophisticated details. Built with the accuracy, durability and innovation that SAVAGE™ is known for, these tools are also built with your safety in mind. Each detail of the SAVAGE™ No Slip Straight Edge protects you while you cut, so you never struggle or slip when you cut using a straight edge again! Truly an innovation.

  • No Slip Grip™ Backing

  • Thumb Saver Raised Edge

  • Anodized Aerospace Aluminum

  • Precision Laser Etching

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