Swanson® Metric Speed®Square
25 cm

The Patented Metric Speed® Square 25cm Square is five tools in one! It’s a Try Square, Miter Square, Protractor, Line Scriber and a Saw Guide. This square has indications for the One-Number MethodSM of rafter layout and includes an English instruction book. It also features two separate scales so you can work in either metric or degrees for common and hip valley rafter layouts. Just like the Speed® Square, it’s made of high-grade aluminum alloy.

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  • Two metric and degree scales for common and hip-valley rafters

  • High-grade aluminum alloy construction

  • Traditional One-Number MethodSM for rafter layout

  • 0.5 cm Speed® notches facilitate scribing lines

  • Matte finish to prevent glare

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Specifications Assets
  • 25 cm size
  • Packaged with the Swanson® Little Blue Book of Instructions for Metric Measurements in English
  • 0.5 Centimeter spaced notches to facilitate scribing lines