SWIBX Series
Second Generation
I-BOX® Levels
Available Models:
SWIBX240 - 24 in. Length
SWIBX480 - 48 in. Length

A heavy-duty aluminum frame houses industrial strength acrylic block vials and is finished with Super Shock® end caps made from a special polymer and rubber blend. These levels feature the exclusive bumpers, to protect surfaces from marring. Multi-ring vials will help plumbers and industrial landscapers with drainage pitch, and the magnetic version of these levels are the envy of metal workers everywhere. For more information on how to use multi-ring vials.

  • Center 3-ring Vial Sets pitch for drainage

  • BRIGHTVIEW® Reflects light for improved visibility

  • Top Read Vial

  • Durable acrylic block vials accurate to .00050/in.

  • Stand Off Bumper for non mar on walls

  • Comfort Grips for easy handling

Specifications Assets
  • Available in 24 and 48 in. in length
  • High Grade Aluminum Box Frame