3-1 Unitacker® Steel Staple Gun

The Swanson® 3-1 Unitacker® Steel Staple Gun fires both light and heavy duty staples! Fits Arrow Heavy Duty T50, Light Duty JT21 and Fine Wire staples, with SWITCH FREE feature. All steel construction with a durable chrome finish with a comfortable metal handle. The perfect staple gun for DIY projects and strong enough for the professional.

The Swanson® 3-1 Unitacker® Steel Staple Gun works with Arrow heavy duty T50 & light duty JT21 staples and has a No Fire Handle Lock!

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  • All steel construction

  • Durable chrome finish

  • Comfortable metal handle

  • Staple level indicator window allows view of low staples

  • No fire handle lock

  • Bottom loading for easy loading and anti jamming

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Includes 100 each JT21 3/8"staples
  • Includes 50 each T50 3/8" staples