3-1 Multi Function Unitacker® Plastic Staple Gun

The Swanson® 3-1 Multi-Function Unitacker® Plastic Staple Gun performs in 3 different ways! This tool can work as a standard stapler, a heavy duty paper stapler and also be used to attach temporary fasteners or staples that can be easily removed! Will work with JT21 staples.  Will staple 60 sheets of paper at one time. As a temporary stapler the staple stays above the object for easy removal. Furthermore the 3-1 Multi-Function Unitacker is made of high impact plastic construction this is an all-purpose stapler!

The Swanson® 3-1 Multi-Function Unitacker® Plastic Staple Gun works with light duty JT21 staples and can be used in 3 different ways!
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  • High impact plastic molding

  • Lightweight

  • Economical and all purpose

  • For fine wire staples 6-12 mm

  • For staple crowns 11.3 mm

  • Bottom loading for easy loading and anti jamming

  • Works as a staple function, bulk paper stapler, and for temporary fasteners

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Includes 100 each JT21 3/8"staples